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Layout: Vintage Punk [07 Dec 2018|01:37pm]



Instructions & Code
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[05 Dec 2018|02:57pm]


I'm working on a new layout over at [info]laceandflora and I'm trying to get the navigation directly underneath the journal title. I want it up and over to the right more than it currently is.

The code I have so far is.

#nav-above {display: none;

#nav-below{color: #ffffff;
display: initial;
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Tumblr Image Hotlinking [03 Dec 2018|09:10pm]


Hey guys! I was just talking with a friend about Tumblr's news of banning mature content and we've been seeing a lot of strangely non-mature content being flagged, and it brought up the issue of the future of images.

I have absolutely no confirmation for this, so please take me with a grain of salt here, but there's realistically a good chance that the gifs and other images you use from Tumblr in your layouts, bios, etc., could wind up deleted, especially if they are something Tumblr deems adult in nature or are flagged for review and mistakenly deleted if the original poster is no longer around to contest it.

My point: You may want to rehost images that are important to you to use in your layouts and other RP materials if you're using Tumblr URLs, or save them locally in advance in case the URLs end up broken in a few weeks time.
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Character Roster: Circle More [04 Dec 2018|10:47am]



full size image )

Code & Guide @ [info]cymbeline
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Comment Replies from Email [02 Dec 2018|12:22pm]


Since VM Boxer is no longer being supported, does anyone have a good email app for iPhone that supports replying from email? Since I do tend to reply to things when I'm on my break at work. They did some kind of update and ever since the update it no longer supports replying to IJ from the application. So if anyone can find an email application that supports replying from your email, that'd be awesome. (It seems they're slowly breaking the ones that you already could reply with)
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